The transformation and integration of spatial data

FME from company Safe Software is the world's leading technology for spatial data transformation.

With more than 500 advanced tools for manipulating data, extensive library of coordinate systems and built-in automation, FME is the only complete ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) solution for spatial data.

Used by more than 20,000 companies and organizations in the world: for data conversion, transformation, and automation integration of different types of data, system and device.

FME Workbench
It allows you easily using the "drag and drop" function which specify the input and output formats, define the tools to manipulate data and order of their implementation.

FME Data Inspector 
Tools for evaluation of your data in a visual and interactive environment before, after and even during the implementation of the transformations.

Automation of workflow for FME jobs
It provides "up-to-date" information. Automatically provides tasks at pre-defined schedule or on the basis of defined events.

Creating a Data Transformation Services
Through service FME Server  facilitates the centralization of data and makies them available to different systems within an organization.

Exchange of information through the Web, Mail and Mobile devices

Using real-time data:
FME Server allows to receive and use data at the time when they are incurred, their "real-time" processing and delivery to the defined needs.