Multisoft has developed modules to transform spatial data between the new positional Croatian terrestrial reference system HTRS96 (NN 110/2004) and the Legacy of the Croatian State Coordinate System HDKS.

The module supports:
7P method with parameters published in the "Technical Specifications for determining the coordinates of points in the coordinate system of the Republic Croatian" - SGA, and
3D grid method in the accuracy of the program T7D

What is important is that, unlike T7D program that works only with lists of coordinates, with FME Desktop / Server and Module for HDKS HTRS96 transformation can be transformed:

  • complete CAD drawings in all supported vector formats (DWG / DXF, DGN, ...)
  • geocoded orthophoto images
  • scanirane geocoded maps, plans and drawings of the supported raster formats (TIF, JPG, ...)
  • GIS database and other formats (Smallworld, ESRI, Oracle / Spatial ..., GML, INSPIRE)
  • lists of points in csv, xls, db or another format
Module HDKS HTSR96 transformation of FME Desktop / Server using:

  • State Geodetic Administration RH
  • Office for Cadastre and Geodetic Affairs of the City of Zagreb
  • Croatian Telecom - HT
  • Croatian Power -HEP ODS, HOPS, ...
  • APIS Zagreb
  • Geoprojekt Zagreb
  • And many other companies and surveying offices

FME Desktop / Server works guidewires 300 standard, CAD, GIS, vector, raster and alphanumeric data formats as well as all major databases.

FME Desktop / Server has more than 400 functions that, in addition to coordinate transformation, offering an unlimited number of different procedures with spatial data, such as:

  • Performing geometric operations
  • Combining data from multiple sources and types
  • The unification of spatial and attribute data
  • Performing attribute operations
  • Setting symbolization