Smallworld - VodGIS  is the application system for local administration with client-server, Web support and databases for:

Utility Cadastre which includes infrastructure:

  • Electric power and Public Lighting
  • Hot water and steam network
  • Pipeline network and liquid fuels
  • Water and sewer network
  • Telecommunications network

which are supported with these applications:

  • Management and monitoring the administrative procedure (study and the application)
  • Issuance of this cadastre (graphical and digital)
  • Control and automation of input and change data from the elaborations
  • Data exchange with the managers
  • Integrated and relevant spatial databases:
- Land Cadastre (ZIS), Records of spatial units, address system, HOK, DOF, TK-25000, ....

Public lighting with specific support for:

  1. Catalog of elements, equipment and devices on the network Public Lightning
  2. Functional network connectivity of Public Lighting: measuring points, circuitry, cables and lighting places
  3. Managing and monitoring work on the development and regular maintenance and intervention network of Public Lighting
EKI (cadastre communications infrastructure), with special support on:

  • Occupancyof area and monitoring the rights of the public road
  • The owner of the infrastructure and the managers of installed lines and equipment
  • Automate the entry and control of installed pipes and theirassignments

VodGIS system is based on the GE Smallworld CST (Core Spatial Tchnology) and it is deeply integrated with Safe Software FME ETL tools. This allows VodGIS and its specialized systems simultaneous operation in HDKS GK and HTRS96 TM projections in the highest possible accuracy.

Specialized systems for Public Lightning and EKI includes all the basic functionality of the VodGIS systems and support integrated in database and VodGIS system.