DDS (Design and Documentation System) based on the GE Smallworld Network Inventory products is an intelligentstorage system for inventory management of all aspects of the telecommunications network.

Enables documenting and planning telecommunication networks and connect to other systems. Gains access to important information about the inventory within the entire company and support of critical business processes such as service provisioning, ensuring service and asset management.
Applicability of the system
  • Documenting network
  • Planning network
  • Integration with existing systems and sharing data across services
  • Testing connectivity of network elements
  • Defining logical and physical paths in the network
  • Schematic representation of the network
  • Search optical path for the purposes of calculating losses and display the results of OTDR
  • Internal representation of the inside plant and equipment
  • Access to related documents
  • Monitoring works
  • Manage work orders and cost estimations